Art Attack Friday: Persona

Art Attack Friday is your weekly look at videogame fan art created by a talented artist.

The Mecha Fetus Visublog is the home to five extremely talented artists that post their artistic works on a nearly daily basis. The purpose of the Mecha Fetus Visublog is for the artists to share their work and hopefully inspire others with their art. Today, we’re highlighting Mecha Fetus’ Persona.

I’ve pretty much have liked everything Persona has ever drawn as it’s all very cute and quirky. The multiple Personas, Snake taking on The Count and the Sonic Gurren are some examples of that. There are some great serious pieces too, such as the Splash Woman pieces and the amazing Valkyria Chronicles meets Virtual-On mashup.  

That’s not all! Persona has done some animations which have been featured on Destructoid in the past. Be sure to check out God Slayer, Robochi Gets Flamed and Super Genocide Piranhaman, which is right after the jump.  

For more of Persona’s work, check out his Mecha Fetus section, deviantART and YouTube page. Also, CAKE DOG CAKE DOG CAKE DOG CAKE DOG!

Hamza Aziz