Art Attack Friday: ChemicalAlia


knows no limitations when it comes to the dimension and iteration of her fan art. Ranging from high-color bubbly renditions of Mario characters to the curious pursuit of injecting Knuckles in an homage to Caravaggio’s Bacchus, she explores game characters both within their respective worlds as well as outside of them. This pursuit births such lovely pieces such as Steamboat Iggy as well as an attempt at a Gears of War comic spin-off called Gardeners of War. Who woulda thunk?

Aside from the wide variety of subject matter, ChemicalAlia has the artistic flexibility to change and combine illustrative styles with painterly ones, allotting her a great spread of different and original pieces. You can find her larger body of work on her DeviantArt gallery or check out her contributions within The Koopatorivm, a site that describes itself as the “unholy archive of Mario Bros.-related news and multimedia.”