Art Attack Friday : Bitkits

You may ask yourself, WTF is Colette doing making the AAF weekly post when it clearly belongs to our tentacled hero, Sir CTZ? I’m so glad you asked. We had a little chat last week where we realized the folly of my Pixelbrushes feature possibly covering the same material as Art Attack. I really should have thought of this sooner, but I was in Chile snorting granulated llama marrow with Ron Workman. I do admit I have a weakness for the occasional vision quest, but I really am going to try to keep them separate from work in the future, I promise. After Araguay.

Now that our two projects have merged into one, let’s get down to business: Bitkits is the kind of thing you will like if you also like knitting and were classically trained via NES. These goodies are avaliable at, who also happen to have USB enabled NES and SNES controllers available in their shop. That’s mad science I can totally go for.

At $3.95 a pop for a preassembled character or $3.50 for the starter pack, you really can’t beat it for cheap and awesome. The steps are simple too — just iron and glue on a few magnets, and your fridge art will plateau to a whole new level of cool. Phreque also debuts new kits every Monday and runs a “Who’s Next?” poll to choose what they contain, so get your requests in there if your fridge is incomplete without its very own Lavos replica.


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