Arkham Asylum will get experience-fueled gadgets

Most good action games these days come with light RPG elements to try and trick you into thinking the title is deeper than it actually is, and the hotly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum is no different. In a recent interview, developer Rocksteady has shed a little light on the Dark Knight’s experience-based upgrades.

“As in a role-playing game, Batman will possess an experience system whereby it is possible to open up for new abilities and new gadgets,” said Rocksteady, as translated from Danish print mag Game Reactor. “Batman will need to use a large number of said gadgets as in many of the game’s difficult encounters as he won’t always be the strongest.”

While not a comic book nut, I am certainly keeping an eager eye on Arkham Asylum. The promise of a Batman that stalks and psychs out his enemies, plus appearances from a wide variety of the Rogue’s Gallery, makes this Eidos-published venture a most promising one indeed.

Jim Sterling