Arcana Heart delay breaks my heart

Thanks to the ever dutiful Hamza CTZ Aziz, we know that Japanese brawler Arcana Heart is slated to be released this week. Fans of magical anime girls and 50+ hit combos rushed to preorder the 2-D all-female title when it was first announced. Now Atlus sends word that there will be a bit of a delay on the release of this PlayStation 2 game.

Today, April 8th, was the original ship date for Arcana Heart, and fans planned to either pick up their preorder or receive their shipment tomorrow. Now Atlus says that the new release date is April 10th, only a couple of days later. They say that “brief delays, in addition to heart palpitations, contributed to the revised ship date.”

A local Gamestop tells us that preorder copies will be available on Friday, April 11th. Damn.

Are you looking forward to this title? Or are you waiting for our review?  

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