Apple tablet rumored to be a gaming device

You know that Apple tablet you keep hearing about? Rumors are flying, pointing to everything from Apple’s answer to netbooks to this latest, a game system. It’s actually both, according to one person who claims to have seen the device; it’s a netbook that plays games.

This big-assed 10-inch iPod touch screen thing will sync and Wi-Fi stream from other devices in your home, says the unnamed analyst that peeped it. He says that it was actually designed to play games on, though no specifics of how this works were given.

I find it easy to believe that Apple would create a device that cashes in on their App Store. I’m kind of hoping for games that have a bit more depth than your average iPhone game, but I suppose having blown-up existing App Store titles would be pretty cool as well.

I wonder how much this thing is going to cost.

[via Joystiq]

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