Another hint at 360 motion controls

Rumors have been swirling that Microsoft will be launching their very own in house motion controller come E3. Third party companies are already all up on it so why wouldn’t Microsoft get in on it themselves or at least design games for it? Signs are pointing to the rumors coming true as Microsoft has put up a job listing that sounds like its for someone who wants to work with motion controls.

The listing states, “Are you interested in shipping innovative games that will change the way people play? If so, we want you to join our team to work on an amazing next-generation project, built from the ground up, in Microsoft Game Studios. We are building a NEW GAME STUDIO from the ground up that will revolutionize both WHAT you play and HOW you play. You have the chance to get in on the ground floor and work with professionals responsible for some of the industry’s greatest innovations to date. (Emphasis in the original.)”

Let’s run down the key points: built from the ground up, revolutionize how you play, innovate ideas. Sounds exactly like the PR line for the Wii and its motion controls don’t it? Of course motion controls are totally original, just ask Bill Gates

Matthew Razak