And the winner is … ‘Create your own Darkling’ contest results

This was a tough call, folks. Picking winners out of a pool of over 100 amazing entries is no small task. Around here, we’re not used to making big, important decisions. We’re Destructoid, the videogame Web site that let one of its writers give Twilight Princess a four out of ten based on the results of a drunken seance involving a Ouija board and the spirit of Anne Ramsey*.

But a choice had to be made tonight, and it certainly wasn’t easy. Hit the jump to find out of the winners of Destructoid and 2K Game’s “The Darkness: Create your own Darkling” contest.

* That wasn’t actually the case. Anne Ramsey’s ghost knows absolutely nothing about videogames. 

Contratulations to our first place winner … CICADACOM with the “Batman Darkling.” With a great art style, and the little touches like the six pack of Destructoid beer, Cicadacom’s entry was a favorite among the Darklings around the office. Cicadacom wins a copy of The Darkness (for PS3 or Xbox 360), along with a special edition The Darkness comic book, courtesy of 2K Games.

Second place goes to a late entry, Foe’s “Fanboyling.” If Perrin Kaplan, vice president of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for Nintendo, does indeed part ways with the company, I think this guy is a shoo in for the position. Foe’s efforts will be rewarded with a copy of The Darkness, courtesy (also) of 2K Games.

In third place is “The Darkling Picnic,” a touching Photoshop piece by Volcannon, who will be receiving a special edition The Darkness comic book, courtesy of (wait for it) 2K Games.

Congratulations to all of the winners. Just send us your human name and address, and we’ll harass 2K Games hourly until they send you your prizes.

Honorable mentions go to … every last person who entered, because you’re all awesome. You guys generated some amazing pieces of work, and once again have proven that Destructoid has one the best videogaming communities online.

Also, cocks.

Nick Chester