Analysts show some Sony love

For over a year now, dumping on Sony’s PS3 was the cool thing to do. Some say that they shot themselves in the foot with a high launch price tag and a lack of strong launch titles, and somehow that negative energy escalated into a bashing trend that looked like it would never end.

Since then, Sony has seen the light, and the recent price drop and increased number of titles has helped them gain some ground. It looks like industry analysts have noticed.

Macquarie Security’s David Gibson says, “It’s certainly a sign that the momentum of the PS3 business is improving. The PS3 and the games business is past the worst in terms of financial losses and the sales momentum is improving because of the price cut and the new model.”

Sony isn’t winning by any means, but at least one analyst thinks that things should have started out this way.

“Going forward another 12 months or so I’m sure we’ll see better titles turning up as well. I wouldn’t say Sony’s back on form and everything is going to be OK now but it feels like the proper launch this year,” said Hiroshi Kamide, an analyst at KBC Securities.

Finally, an analyst who, according to CNN Money, did not want to be named says, “The PS3 has already seen the worst and finally you are seeing sales rebounding. The fact that you are seeing the PS3 already gaining traction in Japan and also putting a lot of pressure on Nintendo I think is significant.”

Good for Sony. They must already know that they can’t stop now. They still have a lot of work to do, and I think that they know that their old cocky ways should be avoided at all cost. Keep it up! 

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