Analysts are Go! Predict Star Fox and Twisted Metal

What do you think Michael Pachter does all day? I imagine him sitting at his desk, located in an office on the top floor of a building, throwing darts at a board labeled “Videogame Industry Predictions.” Someone pays him a lot of money to do this and people who get paid a lot of money we should listen to. Thus his E3 predictions are being duplicated here. Pacther was given the chance to comment on what the big three would/should do at E3 this year.

Starting with Microsoft he said the company had to focus on its exclusive games and keep on running its own race, which it has been doing very well up to this point. As for Sony, they need to come out of the gate charging and Pachter believes that the (rumored) new PSP redesign will help them do this along with a possible announcement of a new Twisted Metal (all of this is news he clearly stole from Dtoid). Finally Nintendo has to come out and appeal to the core since last year they decided to Wii all over us. He claims that this means a big core game announcement like Star Fox or GoldenEye — something from the past.

Some pretty safe bets there Mr. Pachter. What do you guys think? Does he have each company nailed or are they going to be doing something completely different? And, yes, I did make a Wii/wee joke. 

Matthew Razak