America getting Chrono Trigger DS before Japan

It is time to revel in a most minuscule victory for American Chrono Trigger fans, as news arrives that The States will be getting Chrono Trigger DS a whole TWO DAYS before Japan! Never mind the fact that Japanese pre-orders also come with a two-track orchestral theme music disc … TWO DAYS! America’s release date is October 25 while Japan has to wait until October 27.

Just think, you could have leveled up over ten times before those Japanese gamers get their hands on the game. With a whole two days of lead time, you could become the CHRONO TRIGGER WORLD MASTER! Just thinkabout THAT while Japan is scrabbling for its worthless soundtrack CD which was supervised by game composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Utterly pathetic. 

In other news, the European release date for Chrono Trigger DS is still some time in 2009. So, France is the clear winner in this little contest!

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