Amazon selling new Dreamcasts

Following in the steps of ThinkGeek, Amazon has apparently managed to track down another forgotten warehouse full of brand new Dreamcasts. The online retailer currently has them up for sale, and is charging $119.99 a piece. Those with good memories may recall that this is $20 more than what ThinkGeek charged, but I guess after their stock sold out in a matter of minutes Amazon realized there was suitable demand to jack up the price a bit. But hey, at least it has free shipping.

I’ve always been one of those people that, for whatever reason, never got their hands on Sega’s last home console, so I took this as a brilliant opportunity to rectify that situation. Yes, by that I mean that I ordered one immediately before letting all of you know about it. I’m not stupid, you know.

The product page can be found over here. You better hurry up if you want one; there’s a good chance they’ll sell out pretty damn fast.

Justin Villasenor