Amazon Gold Box deals include Dragon Age, Bulletstorm

Probably because it’s a pretty big day for videogame releases, Amazon has devoted their daily Gold Box promotion to games. That means there’s a selection of Lightning Deals throughout the day with discounts on specific items for a limited time. As always, they have provided times (in Pacific) and clues for the products:

  • 6am – “Enter into the premier online role-playing experience”
  • 8am – “Don’t forget treats for your Mabari War Hound.”
  • 10am – “Pick up this Sony PS3 exclusive collectors edition”
  • 12pm – “Hey man, nice Skillshot.”
  • 2pm – “After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins”
  • 4pm – “Embark on epic quests and build your Kingdom.”
  • 6pm – “Unravel the mystery surrounding the origin of the KINGDOM HEARTS”
  • 8pm – “Get ready to take to the field”

In addition to these, you can also grab a copy of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for 33% off as the Deal of the Day. Not bad. Gold Box [Amazon]

Conrad Zimmerman