Altair and Ezio are different says latest dev diary

Assassin’s Creed cover boys Ezio and Altair may dress the same and share similar mannerisms, but we’re told that the two are totally different people. For example, Ezio has two wrist-strapped knives while Altair doesn’t. Also, Ezio likes to have fun, unlike Altair, who was a major bummer at our Halloween party last weekend with all his moping about being stuck in a sinister building all day long.

In the latest developer commentary for Assassin’s Creed II — available above, of course — the people behind the game attempt to tell us that Ezio and Altair are different sorts of people. The support for the statement is weak. Yes, Ezio is a bit testy after daddy visits the gallows one fateful morning, and yes, he does have two knives, but we haven’t seen Ezio do anything that Altair wouldn’t — at least, not yet.

Well, unless that whole Da Vinci flying thing and his ability to jump in not-a-haystack counts as a personality trait. We’ll see, we suppose, closer to the game’s release this November.

Brad BradNicholson