Alpha Protocol to hit in early October

A new release date for Obsidian Entertainment’s Alpha Protocol was announced by SEGA earlier yesterday morning. The title will hit retail shelves October 6, right before the holiday season AAA rush. Many of you have been waiting for the espionage RPG to hit for some time now — Obsidian has delayed it more than once. But from what we saw recently at E3 2009 and considering the recent video, it appears as though the game is better for it. It sucks to wait, sure, but in the end we generally get a better product.

Speaking of Alpha Protocol, the fourth developer diary was released along with the fresh release date information. After six hours of downloading, we’re still not ready to upload the video. The good news is that you can click over to Giant Bomb and watch it there, so no worries.

The diary explains some of the intricacies of the relationships you can create with the major players in the game, as well as details a few locations. It’s not a bad watch if you’re as hot for Alpha Protocol as we are. Check it out.

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