All Quincy Weapons in Type Soul

All Quincy Weapons in Type Soul

In dire need of more weapon options

As one of the three factions in Type Soul, Quincy has its own unique weapon options. In the current version of Type Soul there are seven weapons total available to Quincy characters, with more coming in the future. This is all Quincy Weapons in Type Soul as well as how they play.

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All Quincy Weapons

Out of all the Quincy Weapons in Type Soul, only one that isn’t very good at the moment. Each weapon has its own unique playstyle, so you may want to try each one out until you know which is best for you. Here are all Quincy Weapons in Type Soul:

  • Antithesis: Decent crit-weapon but with a lacking stun proc.
  • Cang Du Claws: Strong weapon, but falls short of Warden.
  • Quincy Cutlass: Solid fast-attack weapon, but not quite as good as some other Quincy weapon choices.
  • Quincy Glock: Once top-tier, recent nerfs have reduced its practicality.
  • Quilge: Powerful M1s, making it a solid choice.
  • Schwert: Ranged crit-based weapon.
  • Jugramshield: Effective for medic builds.
  • Warden Gauntlets: High-chaining and arguably the best Quincy weapon currently, ideal for all Quincy players.
  • Reichweite: Versatile, especially good for Kendo users.
  • Yamato: Mythical weapon with three criticals.
  • Zweis: Dominant weapon with three criticals, highly effective.
  • Murasama (Quincy): 60 Kendo Mythical Weapon
  • Abject (Quincy): powerful sword that summons swords as a critical.

Type Soul Quincy Weapon Tier List

Abject is one of the best Quincy Weapons in Type Soul
Image via Type Souls

We’ve put together a Quincy Weapon Tier List for Type Soul to highlight the best weapon choices for Quincy characters. With this Tier List, you essentially want to focus on a weapon from the S Tier. While A Tier weapons are solid enough, they just don’t reach the potential of S Tier. You should probably avoid both the B Tier and C Tier weapons for now, as they need some buffs to be viable.

S Tier

  • Abject (Quincy)
  • Warden Gauntlets
  • Zweis
  • Reiatsu
  • Yamato
  • Muramasa

A Tier

  • Reichweite
  • Quincy Glock
  • Quincy Cutlass
  • Cang Du Claws

B Tier

  • Antithesis
  • Jugramshield
  • Quilge

C Tier

  • Schwert

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