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All Fatal Fury City of the Wolves confirmed characters and their trailers

Are your favorites returning?

Fatal Fury is back and fans could not be more excited to return to South Town and see —after multiple crossovers— Terry Bogard and Rock Howard back in the leading roles.

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But with the exception of the duo, which characters are set to be featured in the game’s main roster? Here are all the characters confirmed to be present in Fatal Fury City of the Wolves.

All Fatal Fury City of the Wolves confirmed characters

Apart from Terry and Rock, B. Jenet, Preecha, Vox Reaper, Marco Rodrigues, Hotaru Futaba, and Tizoc are confirmed to be part of the Fatal Fury City of the Wolves main roster. You can check out an overview of each of them, as well as their trailers below.

Rock Howard

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Terry’s protegee and Geese Howard’s son, City of the Wolves marks Rock’s second outing as the series’ co-protagonist. Like in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Rock seems to be a rushdown character capable of excelling by both keeping opponents in check and closing the distance fast. As you can see below, he still retains his original moves, as well as the ones learned from Terry and inherited through his blood.

Terry Bogard

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It wouldn’t be a Fatal Fury title without the Hungry Wolf, am I right? Not much is known about Terry’s story within the game, except for the fact that he spent years fighting after he and his disciple went their separate ways in the previous entry. Terry did not receive a focused trailer. Instead, his official showcase can be seen in the trailer featured in our Rock entry. The trailer also stars Preecha, Hotaru Futaba, and Tizoc.


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Making her debut in the franchise, Preecha is both a talented scientist and Joe Higashi’s pupil. She makes use of an adapted form of Muay Thai in combat and as we could expect, seems to play similarly to how her master does. You can check out her gameplay in the trailer featured within the Rock section.

Hotaru Futaba

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One of the best characters among the Mark of the Wolves roster, Hotaru Futaba returns. According to her official summary, her goal in the game is to once and for all get her older brother back. As their stories are deeply intertwined, her summary all but confirms Gato as part of the game’s main roster. Like with Terry and Preecha, you can check out Hortaru’s moveset in the trailer under the Rock entry.


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A soon-to-be main for many of the King and Zangief players we all love to face, Tizoc also makes his return in CoTW. Now back into the ring for good, The Griffen Mask joins the newly announced KOF tournament to lift the spirits of one of his fans. To see a glimpse of his moveset, go to the trailer featured in our Rock entry.

Marco Rodrigues

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City of the Wolves marks Marco’s first appearance in any SNK game since 2006’s SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS. Once more making use of Kyokugen Karate, the Brazilian sensei enters the new KOF tournament in the hopes of both recovering his stolen Dojo sign and spreading the word about his fighting style.

B. Jenet

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A fan favorite since her debut in Mark of the Wolves, it was clear that B. Jenet would return on CoTW. This time, the captain of the Lillien Knights joins the KOF tournament for a chance to face both Grant and Kai again. As you can see in the trailer below, she seems to have access to most of her previous moves. But she won’t be limited to them, as showcased by the counter that took the internet by storm since her reveal.

Vox Reaper

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An assassin for hire, who is taken under Grant’s wing after failing to kill Mark of the Wolves‘ villain Kain R. Heinlein, Vox Reaper features what I can only call a caffeine-infused version of his master’s playstyle. His motivation in the game seems to be to both honor Grant’s wishes and see Kai’s ambitions fulfilled.

When is Fatal Fury CoTW being released?

As seen in all of the trailers featured here, Fatal Fury City of the Wolves is set to be released in early 2025. The game will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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