Alienware: More TGS teasing with new video…from Tokyo

Remember how we showed you the silly trailer Alienware created to tease some kind of reveal at next week’s Tokyo Game Show? Well, now there’s a follow-up video, and it makes just as little sense as the first.

The “invasion” looms even closer. Now, from the looks of it, it’s hovering over Tokyo. In the first video, a kite-loving American kid saw the aliens. Now a girl in a Tokyo highrise apartment sees the same thing. She thinks it’s just a dream, walks up to her window, and looks outside to see that it was real. “They’re coming,” the tagline says.

What is this? A laptop? A console-ish PC? A phone? A portable? We’ll find out in a few short days. Meanwhile, someone should tell the aliens hovering over Tokyo that TGS takes place at Makuhari Messe, which is about an hour away from where they’re hovering.

Dale North