Aliens vs. Predator demo will be happening

Worried about Aliens vs. Predator considering the unfortunate quality of Rebellion’s last game, Rogue Warrior? Have no fear, friends, for a demo has been confirmed. The current generation debut of everybody’s favorite interspecies warmongers will allow you to try before you buy, although no word has yet been given on when that might occur. 

“There will be a demo…That’s all we can say,” confirms AvP lead designer Alex Moore. Platforms, dates, or any of that jazz remains to be seen. 

In any case, a demo would be good because Sega has deemed me unfit to receive any kind of preview treatment, despite my huge bonk-on for this game. We’ll be on hand with a review as soon as we can steal a copy from somebody. This fan of all things Xenomorph is quite excited.

Aliens vs. Predator demo confirmed [Cinemablend]

Jim Sterling