Alien Hominid an unlockable character in Castle Crashers

Over the last few days, a large amount of my Destructoid internal e-mails have ended with me randomly typing the exclamation “CASTLE CRASHERS!” Why? No real reason. I just got to play a handful of recently premiered levels at this past week’s Comic-Con and need to express my excitement about the game somehow.

Now, with recent news of an August 27 release date comes word that Behemoth’s little yellow buddy Alien Hominid will be an unlockable character in the highly anticipated game. Even better, if you already own the full version of Alien Hominid HD on XBLA you will automatically receive this unlock on the Castle Crashers character select screen the minute you purchase the game.

You shouldn’t need any convincing, but please buy Castle Crashers. It is pretty much the greatest thing that has even been created. And now, with Alien Hominid confirmed as a playable character, the greatest thing that has ever been created just got a little better.

[Via Castle Crashers‘s official development blog — thanks, power-glove!]

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