Alan Wake could have been done long before now

Alan Wake is a game that, until this year’s E3, could have understandably been considered vaporware. The game’s been in development since 2005 and very little was known about it until it’s big reveal a few months ago. Developer Remedy has confessed however that, while the game could have been released ages ago, it would have simply been an “okay” game, and the team didn’t want that.

“It’s been since 2005 … we’ve been crafting this thing and I mean we could’ve put something out much earlier to be honest, and it would’ve been probably okay,” explains Matias Mylllyrinne. “But for us, we only want to come out with a game when we have something to say and a point to make so when gamers put down their hard earned cash on a game, the Remedy brand on that box needs to be a seal of quality so they’re getting a certain movie like experience with good story and a good character.”

Alan Wake is due out in 2010, and I’m really quite looking forward to it. What about you guys?

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