Akuma rages into Street Fighter IV

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Akuma fans rejoice, for the Raging Demon has returned. The above image comes from a series of shots that seemingly show the readheaded stepchild leaping from the sky in dramatic fashion during Street Fighter IV‘s opening. You didn’t really need to know that, but … AKUMA!

Akuma debuted in Street Fighter II Turbo as a hidden character, dramatically introducing himself by obliterating M. Bison if certain in-game requirements were met. He has since become a firm favorite, at least “down our way,” and this announcement should make a few Street Fighter fans wet their Chun Li underwear.

With some of the SF IV redesigns proving a little controversial, what do you make of the new-look Akuma? Snazzy or sucky? He doesn’t seem too different from how he’s always looked, but then I was always too busy looking at Cammie’s arsecrack to pay attention.

Cammie as in Street Fighter, I must add. Not as in Nintendo.

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