Aion Online CM shows us patch 1.9 in a tiger suit

I’m still unsure if I love MMORPGs or if I just have an addictive personality, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that I’m always excited to hear about the next big patch. At San Diego Comic Con 2010 I had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Beegle, who’s a Community Manager on the title, and hear about what’s been happening with Aion Online’s 1.9 patch and their upcoming 2.0 patch, including the ever elusive solo instances. 

Take a look at the video to find out more, and be sure to take note on what he’s wearing when he showed off some of the game. Tiger suit? Chainsaw? This is definitely some Aion Online B-Roll you’re not going to want to miss. 

Dan Lingen