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Age of Conan gets a hardcore remake: now with 100 percent more boning!

2008-05-26 13:23:00  ยท  Colette Bennett

Porn is great for many reasons, but infinitely better than the sexiest all-star cast ever is parody porn, which is so painfully ridiculous that it renders it useless for mastubatory purposes but makes up for it with belly laughs (think Edward Penishands). You may or may not have gotten a giggle out of Whores of Warcraft, the WoW porn parody,  but if you were a fan, there's something new waiting for your caresses.

The newest theme in the WhoreLore series is titled Rage of Bonan and spoofs Age of Conan with some slight differences (the former allows you to actually hammer the chick you rescue, while the latter does not.) It seems obvious which would be the most appealing option to the general consumer, but all I can say is, if you can't holler a battle cry while plunging your mighty sword into the mysterious cave of yore, you aren't really living. 

[ Via Wired -- Thanks, Justin]

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