Activision reveals Spider-Man: Web of Shadows


Activision announced earlier today a new Spider-Man game coming out for EVERY platform. The new game is called Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and is set in the Ultimate Universe … universe. The game will also have the talents of Gabrielle Dell’Otto who has done art work in the Secret Wars saga.

The premise is that New York city has been invaded by some kind of alien forces that seem to use the Venom Symbiote. I’m just taking a wild guess on the Venom Symbiote bit based on the teaser trailer above from IGN. Anyway, other Marvel heroes have come to New York to help fight this threat and even the villains are lending a hand.

New to the series is the ability to fight anywhere. You can start a fight on the streets and take the battle into the air. You’ll also have a choice when it comes to how you play the game. You could help protect citizens and gain their respect or you could just totally ignore them causing citizens to make your job harder. This new Spider-Man game is again going to allow players to freely roam about New York City. How you play the game will determine which super hero or super villain will fight along side you as you try and fight off this alien invasion.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is going to be giving a lot back to the community. Tipster Liqideos informed us that people will be able to vote for what comes in the Premium version of the game when it comes out. The options will consist of a T-shirt, figurine, or a poster made by Gabrielle Dell’Otto. The official Web site for the game is also going to give a lot of control to the community. The community will be able to vote for what goes into the game and what new details are released about the game too. 

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows will be at the New York Comic-Con this weekend. Nick Chester will be at the Con and should be getting himself an interview with the executive producer and get some details on this new Spider-Man game (The pressure is on Chester!). FYI, a few Dtoiders will be attending the event as well.

I am totally excited for a new Spider-Man game. He is one of my favorite super heroes so it’s a given that I’d be excited. How about you?  

Hamza Aziz