Activision not at E3, but will definitely be around

Reports are currently flooding the Internet stating that Activision has officially pulled out of E3. People are wondering what’s going to happen, and what this huge gaping hole in the show means for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, nobody has mentioned that during E3, Activision will still be making its presence felt, just not in the way one might expect.

A “special Activision event” is scheduled during E3, though no details beyond the date of July 15 have been given. The company, citing “business reasons,” won’t formally be taking part in the Expo, but something will still be going down while it runs. I guess Activision thinks it’s just too big and clever for the real E3 now.

So, what does the publisher of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty have in store for us? All we know so far is to “save the date” and we’ll find out. So, no Activision officially at E3, but rest assured, its presence is sure to be felt that week.

Hit the jump for the early, likely incomplete, list of E3 attendees.

    * Akella
    * Atari Inc.
    * CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc.
    * Codemasters
    * Crave Entertainment
    * Crave Entertainment
    * Disney Interactive Studios
    * Eidos, Inc.
    * Electronic Arts
    * Konami Digital Entertainment America
    * LucasArts
    * Microsoft Corporation
    * Midway Games, Inc.
    * MTV Games
    * NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
    * Nintendo of America Inc.
    * SEGA of America
    * Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
    * Sony Online Entertainment Inc.
    * Square Enix Inc.
    * Take-Two Interactive
    * THQ, Inc.
    * Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.

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