Activision hires for ‘advanced retouching of screenshots’

Have you ever heard of the games industry position “Art Services Screenshot Associate” before? Me either. I’ve always figured that there was someone out there that did something like this, but I didn’t know that it was a position until I saw Activison’s job listing on Gamasutra.

I think it sounds more fishy than it is. They’re basically asset machines, working behind the scenes to crank visual assets out. But the listing does ask that the applicant be able to “perform advanced retouching of screenshots,” and that’s something that no gamer wants to hear. Of course, mock-ups have to be done for games that aren’t done yet, but we’d hope that those are marked as mock-ups, and not out there representing the product.

We’re not accusing anyone — we’re just sayin’.  And I guess if you’ve got good Photochops and you live in the Santa Monica area, you might want to check out the listing for yourself.

[Via CVG]

Dale North