Act surprised: Project Offset isn’t going to happen

At last, some much-needed closure. Project Offset is — or should I say was? — a game we’ve been talking about on occasion for years now. It was a fantasy-centric shooter with phenomenal visuals, especially back when it was originally teased in, uh, 2006? I can’t even keep the specifics straight it’s been so long.

After a while, you got the sense that it was destined to be a mythical, fancy-looking tech demo. I wanted to believe, and I’m sure many of you did too. Apparently at some point Big Download contacted Intel about the game’s status, because the site now has the final verdict: Project Offset has been dropped.

Here’s a snippet from the Intel rep’s response: “With the recent changes in our product roadmap, some of the resources and technologies from the acquisition are being re-applied to help support new graphics related projects. Additionally, other Offset Software team members have moved onto other external projects outside the company.”

If you’ll recall, Offset Software, the developer of this no-show, was acquired by Intel back in 2008. These founding members have moved on to a new studio called Fractiv LLC, according to Big Download. Join me in pouring one out for Project Offset.

Project Offset officially shut down at Intel; founders launches Fractiv LLC [Big Download]

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