Ace Combat + Idolmaster = model planes?

Japan and their cross-promotions. Fighter jets and dancing girls come together to make model jets. Makes total sense.

Namco Bandai’s games Ace Combat 6 and Idolmaster have been handed over to model company Hasegawa in Japan to make some pretty geeky jets for you to build and enjoy. Set to be released this December, these 1/48 scale Idolmaster Ace Combat jets will sell for anywhere between 3,990 yen to 7,140 yen ($78).

These jets were inspired by in-game downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of Ace Combat 6. Andria Sang says that the part count for these models ranges from a low of 178 pieces to a high of 320 pieces. Dengeki has some better images of some of the models.

Dale North