Acclaim is dead, for real this time

Another stalwart of the old gaming guard has bitten the dust. Acclaim — who brought us Turok, Burnout and Space Jam to name a few — is finally dead and gone.

The company had already crashed and burned back in 2004 when it filed for bankruptcy, but all its IPs and its name were sold off meaning the name lived on. In its reborn state Acclaim became a free-to-play gaming publisher and made games like MMO 9Dragons and rhythm game RockFree. At one point their service had 15 million registered users, but it looks like those users weren’t buying too much.

Around three months ago Playdom procured the reinvented Acclaim, but is now shutting it down. Those with unused coins or whatever can head over to Acclaim’s site and get a refund for their money. The site seems pretty final on any use of the name Acclaim as well.

Hats off, folks. A legend has finally been brought down. It’s definitely time for one last Jam.

Acclaim games down and out [GameSpot, via TVGB]

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