A word on why Worms is being delayed for XBLA

Quality control is a tricky beast. While Microsoft certainly wants to get gamers the games they expect every Wednesday for their Xbox Live Arcade program, they also want to be certain that what they offer is as solid an experience as possible.

Contra issues aside, it seems that the reason Worms for XBLA has been delayed is because it’s just not up to snuff for what Msoft wants to give the public. Team 17 boss Martyn Brown had this to say to Eurogamer about the issue:

“The delay with Worms for XBLA has been as frustrating for Team17 as it has been for the very many players eager to see it’s release,” Brown told Eurogamer this morning.

“It’s been a case of the last cycle of production/testing and certification taking much longer than we would have hoped. We know we aren’t the only case, but that doesn’t ease the frustration.”


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