A video walkthrough of R.U.S.E. from the future

Senior producer of R.U.S.E. Mathieu Girard is about to take you on a journey. A journey in which you learn what the real-time strategy game of ridiculous zooming and deception is all about. And he does all of this while standing in front of a futuristic backdrop. Talk about classy.

The “war” takes place on a massive table, guys. Did you know that? I swear they took the concept from a twist ending to an episode of The Twilight Zone.

The game is still looking impressive as always. A lot of the neat tricks at the game’s disposal aren’t exactly mind-blowing for the genre, yet they’re able to mesh together to form something cool. Also, the thumbnail for the “decoy army” ruse is creepy as all hell. Silent Hill .. is that you?

Jordan Devore
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