A tiny DS lite for your imaginary friends

Papercraft can, at a glance, seem like the simplistic kind of crafting that Japanese teenagers may enjoy whilst listening to their iPods, but the detail and depth of the objects you can make can yield amazing results. Take the startlingly tiny recreations created by Fx Console: from the DS to the PS2, each is painstakingly recreated by hand at roughly 1/9th the size of the real thing.

The DS papercraft measures in at 1.4″ x 0.75″ x 0.25″ and actually folds open and closed. You can actually download the file from the Fx Console site if you want to attempt to recreate one for yourself, but let me warn you, if you are a beginner at papaercrafting this is likely not the one to try. However, if you’ve done your share of tiny folding, you may have a dwarf-sized DS at your desk in no time.

[Via Engadget – thanks Jonathan!] 

Colette Bennett