A tale of loss and mourning

[Editor’s note: Poor Shipero! — CTZ]

I pre-ordered inFAMOUS months ago and I’ve been anxiously anticipating it’s arrival since then. I played the demo multiple times, watched all the pre-release videos, and even bought a new 46 inch LED TV in preparation for it’s arrival.

Little did I know that inFAMOUS was also excited about coming home with me. It had spent weeks trapped in a box with it’s siblings, dreaming of the day when it could come to my apartment and play with me. Finally the day came when it could leave the cold, sterile, confines of the GameStop and taken into a loving home. Alas, the day, as it would turn out, would not be a joyous occasion …

“Oh boy, finally I can play with Mr. Shipero and his PlayStation 3. I have waited ever so long for this day to come. Oh Mr. Shipero’s PS3, I’m here and ready to play with you.”

“M-m-m-mr. Shipero’s PS3? Are you okay, sir?”

“No! Please wake up Mr. Shipero’s PS3, please … “

“Why? Fate, you fickle bitch, why’d you have to take him now? Oh lord, why have you forsaken me?”

It was too late for my PS3. He was stuck down in his prime by the blinking light of doom. Never again would he spread joy and merriment. Worst of all, now inFAMOUS would have to sit alone, unplayed, and unloved. Left dreaming of the fun it could have had, sitting forever on a dusty shelf … At least until I get my PS3 back from the Sony Service Center.

Now I suppose I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time. Perhaps macrame or I could finish those unfinished books I have on my shelf. Hey I might jus –


“Hey, I still work Shipero. You can play with me until your PS3 gets back. It’ll be just like old times, before you bought that black monolith. Remember the fun we used to have. Maybe you could actually finish Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess. Heck, I’d be happy if you beat any of the games you bought for me. Come on, what do you say?”

“Oh … okay. Maybe later then.”