A step beyond achievements: the Alien Hominid trophies

There’s very little I can say here that can express my drooling worship of The Behemoth. Alien Hominid was one of my favorite titles last year, and I was delighted to see it come to XBLA. It seems that they want to give players more incentive to compete in the game than bragging over gamer scores — check out the trophies! If you want to win one of these beauties for your very own, check out the Leaderboard competition for the rules. These may help to tide you over until Castle Crashers is finally ready to go.

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San Diego, CA, May 3rd, 2007— Independent game and toy developer The Behemoth announced today the first shipment of exclusive handmade trophies honoring the top players of Alien Hominid® HD on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Xbox LIVE Arcade on the Xbox 360™ is the premier destination for digitally distributed, high definition original and classic games.

The trophies, built with love and elbow grease at the developer’s studio, are being mailed out to players who have scaled the heights of the Alien Hominid HD leaderboards.

“We wanted to find a way to recognize the top players of Alien Hominid HD,” said Alien Hominid HD producer John Baez. “Making some spiffy trophies here in the office from genuinely simulated gold seemed like just the ticket.”

The trophies are customized individually for each player, with their Gamertag, high score and date etched into the trophy’s base. The select few who manage to maintain the top position for a combined total of three weeks will be catapulted into the Behemoth Hall of Fame, where they will bask in the light of gamer stardom forever; or, at least, for as long as The Behemoth keeps the Hall of Fame posted on its website.

The construction process of the trophies can be followed online at www.thebehemoth.com/trophies.html. Further information on the competition, along with a complete rule set, is available at www.alienhominid.com/leaderboards.

About “Alien Hominid HD”
This cult favorite offers high definition alien action that makes it better than ever before. As a feisty yet adorable alien, gamers must fend off FBI agents to ensure their spaceship stays safe. With unique, hand-drawn characters and weapons, this award-winning title is the epitome of quirky humor and intergalactic fun. Sixteen levels, seven mini-games, and jump-in anytime local multiplayer capability adds to the cosmic mayhem.
More information is available at https://www.xbox.com/games/livearcade

About the Behemoth
The Behemoth is a small group of hardcore gamers with the modest goal of bringing craftsmanship and originality back to the game industry.

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