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Here's what's new at Destructoid

It's a new Destructoid! The update was mostly set in motion to work better and faster on your mobile devices, but we also introduced a host of new features as well. Of course, with any new site there will be bugs, so please let us know if anything even remotely looks out of place, no matter how small.  

My hope is that the site mostly still looks familiar (why reinvent the robot?), but if you dig deeper you'll find it works better than ever before.

Here's a look at what's new:

Looking for the old stuff? Here's how to find it

go to your settings first - try social mode - the first option

A clutter-free Top 25 page, as selected by our reader activity. If you're in a hurry or missed us over a few days just click "top" on the nav bar and you can skim the headlines in a sec. 

Better High Resolution Support - Huge Members: Switch it on in preferences. There is a 1080p+ upscale option for members in the settings if you're brave. Post your 4k/5k/8k screenshots, I wanna see! We'll officially support 4k later this year, along with "Retina" and every other marketing term for tiny tiny pixelmathings. Ultra high definition gaming is around the corner, so when you upgrade down the line you won't have to squint your eyes at our site at 800x600 in 16-bit Netscape blast processing. By far most of you guys appear to browse at 1080p so I'm focusing on that first. Since nobody likes to read two-foot-long sentences we're constraining the body content to a thinner middle column for now. 

Heavy Reading - Speaking of new HD: Got a phablet and a toilet?  Heavy Reading is for you: A version of the home page that we'd love to gift everyone but when you're a tiny web publisher your margins have to be a certain size so advertisers can gobble up the space. Advertising has crunched our web site down to 1000px for almost 10 years and I'm ready break out of that and do something different for our subscribers. We have the technology! Find it in your preferences screen on the dev site. This will be an ad-free perk for members. It's also available with chaos (community and staff posts mixed in).  This is the new default view for Destructoid Originals, stories you'll only find here. Some of our top sauce. You'll also find the Heavy Reading treatment in some of our big game reviews. We're making a number of improvements to the old review pages in the coming days as well.

Better profile pages for everyone - Your blog is a little more organized now. We got rid of all the junk on the lower right and moved it into a unified social header. When you get home page blogs promoted they can be easily found on your blog header, and read in a digest without a bunch of zig-zagging. Anyone touching your cblogs or quickposts or even like activity can quickly find you and follow, or mute you. More on that later.

Note: Don't upload photos to DEV, you'll lose them. You should make any profile changes on the live site, as the dev site has transient image folders (temp avatars/headers/etc).

Social Homepage WTF - Login and turn on the first option, then click the home page logo and stare at the screen in total confusion until it sinks in. This one is the least complete but it's been the most fun idea to work on. We're looking for your feedback from people who socialize on our site a lot -- we want to make it more fluid. Obviously, we rely on Disqus for comments quite heavily, so we're looking for ways to make that more integrated and inline. We don't have all the right ajax and notification stuff rigged up quite yet, but here's a boilerplate.

This is for people that enjoy gallivanting around the Dtoid Community pages. An expert mode for them, but probably too nerdy for the average person who still isn't quite sure what a Q-Post is. (It's a 255 character microblog, basically)

The idea was to move Quickposting to the home page, and then it started to look like some unholy union of Twitter and Facebook after we added a social menu on the left, but the idea is this: people that obsessively use Dtoid go into a circle of reading a few posts on the home page, commenting, doing a quick post, trying to find what their friends posted in the cblogs or quickposts, trying to read their replies, and then pretending like they're working as their boss passes by. We get it! So we put all that shit on one page. My olddudes(tm) are going to instinctively want a Qpost and Cblog button, but zipping around the home page feels like I can read faster. Try clicking on the logo and using the bar on the left and see if it feels faster after a few days.

A new community hub lets you jump to every type of social activity from desktop or phone, including the ability to jump to things that were upvoted last week on our wacky democrating anti-voting system, which is now also explained in a FAQ file sure to piss off people that we demand we function like every other social media site. No algorithms, no bullshit. I like to count each multiple vote because I'm from Florida (find votes above comments). This page shows all community interactions in one view, so you can quickly see what 2000+ people have done in the last 15 minutes without having to click on 3 different pages. 

You can ignore people - Hate my website update columns? Block my ass. You can now find little gear icons near people's posts to mute them if they're yapping too much. If you just want to catch up on what one person has posted since you last left, try the new My Dtoid page on the top right corner instead of reading the daily feed, regardless if people are staff, quickposters, or community bloggers. Login and go to Manage > Preferences.

While this may seem counterintuitive I'm much more interested in making people happy and preventing drama than pageviews. Haters don't have to hate - just mute people you don't care for and carry on. 

No limits blogging or quickposting - We used to promote a person's last post within 24 hours, which has been lifted. With the addition of ignore lists we can now let the community decide what to do about spammy spammers. You can report or ignore abuse easily.

A cleaner blogging tool - A number of improvements have already been rolled out to the blog engine and more are coming. Please bare with us while we get the kinks out. You can now view HTML mode, which is the best way to bring foreign code in from another type of editor or app. We're adding power to let you design beautiful full width blogs in the coming weeks.

What's next

If you've never read our network sites: Flixist is like Destructoid's movie club, Japanator has a ton of import gaming news, and Tomopop covers gaming toys as well as anime and collectible figures tirelessly. We have no interest in covering anything but videogames at Dtoid, but if you want to read all four different sites in just one feed you'll be able to make that happen.

Become a member and help us fund the next update

We hope you'll consider ad-free pages and perks, now offered at pay-whatever-price you want, of which 100% goes towards our editorial team and further site improvements. Huge thanks to those already gracing our Members page, you rock! Please lend us your feedback.

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