A peculiar canister, with strange liquid inside: New Moon screenshots

All I’m saying is, if I was stuck on the Moon with a bunch of other guys, I wouldn’t need to open the canister to know what it was.

Right, here are some new screens for DS shooter Moon, a game which Nick Chester is already quite excited for thanks for the kick ass music presented in its trailer. The premise behind this game is simple — it’s the future, and aliens are going to kick the crap out of your Moon base. So kill them. 

Sounds fair enough to me. 

I never look for graphical greatness in the DS. In fact, I hate when a DS game tries to create impressive 3D visuals, but in the case of Moon, I really am quite surprised by how nice they’ve made it look. Seems like it might be fun to play as well. It reminds me of Coded Arms, except not sh*t. Can’t wait to give it a try.

James Stephanie Sterling