A look back at PAX 2008 with the Destructoid Community

Ask anyone that attended PAX this past year and they’ll tell you it was one of the most amazing experiences of their lives. It still blows my mind that we had so many people from the community come from all across the world just to hang out with Dtoiders.

All throughout the show, Dan “Husky Hog” Lingen and I talked to all of the Dtoiders at the show and asked them what they thought of the Penny Arcade Expo and of Destructoid. There were many memorable moments, but the thing that stood out the most was a special “bonfire” incident. 

Major thanks goes out to Bleep for all of the hard work he put into editing together the footage. Everyone owes him a drink at next year’s PAX. Speaking of which, the PAX 2009 Forum thread is already kicking.  

Hamza Aziz