A look back at PAX 09 in pictures

Another PAX has come and gone and the memories we all made will not be soon forgotten. Each year, more and more Dtoiders come out to PAX to take in what the guys from Penny Arcade have provided, but they also come to just hang out with their fellow Dtoiders. We all checked out what was on the show floor at the expo, but most of our time was spent enjoying each other’s company as much as possible.

Below is just a very small sampling of all the fun times that were had. It was a much needed vacation for all of us and something we all look forward to doing every year. Well, it’ll be twice a year now thanks to PAX East.

Enjoy the gallery below. If you weren’t at PAX, don’t look at this post as some kind of rubbing salt in the wounds kind of thing. Look at it as a reminder that you should start saving up now if you really want to come out next year!

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