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Review: Rez Infinite

Rez asks a lot of you before you get past the title screen. It begins with a litany of warnings about sensitivity to lights, even without using the optional PlayStation VR accessory, and recommends headphones to boot. Unlike most other...   read


Review: Thumper

"You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future." Ever since hearing this strange summary or some earlier iteration of it years ago, I have been on board with Thumper. The unnerving rhyt...   read


Review: Harmonix Music VR

Brett said pretty much everything I could possibly say about the lost art of just "listening to music." Singles have increasingly dominated the industry, and you'd be hard pressed to get someone to name several tracks off of any given major...   read


Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

The kawaii queen and her Vocaloid cronies are back to pleasure your earlobes with their magical robo-voices for the first time on PlayStation 4, and the third time on PlayStation Vita. That's right, the PS4 finally has an exclusive music an...   read


Review: Tadpole Treble

If I had to pick one word to describe Tadpole Treble, that word would be "charming." It's a simple premise, and it seems to have been inspired by the musical tadpole pond minigame in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The creative ...   read

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The Emoji Movie"To live is to suffer"


Theseus"Another tragic tale"


Miitopia"Make new friends but keep the old"


Sundered"Beauty and the Beast"


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People say theyve never made a good anime to live action film, but they forget speed racer I think its a masterpiece of fun, cartoonish


I am OVER THE MOON with excitement from the DQ XI Give me that sweet classic turn based JRPG I love you

Raiku Shackleford

I have this to say about yesterday: Your Canvas, Your Never let art succumb to

able to think

I bought that ridiculous BotW shield backpack from Think I plan on writing a full Cblog review of it in the next couple weeks but first impressions are surprisingly It fits all my stuff and seems pretty well


We were watching an animated movie where the parents hug their child to console My cousins outta nowhere says, hey how come you guys dont do that to This guy is just full of


Still taking it easy in my fortress of So I was wondering, has there ever been a boss in a videogame that actively FIGHTS your main character in a Not pattern recognition BS that those Souls fans are fond of, but actual active AI?

Kazuhira Kaiser

Sorry, I dont speak


Im thinking about taking up smoking weed

Dante Kinkade

Damn Vostok Inc is addictive, a game with a over the top silly kind of 80s plow about trying to make a huge corp IN SPACE, with twin stick shooter parts, buying and investing in buildings, saving managers/keeping them playing old school mini games


I dont know about everyone else, but Im still riding high on that Metroid Prime 4 Yep, no release date, but Im still basking in Such is my love for To know its


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