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Review in Progress: Dragon Quest of the Stars"Gems for sale! Get your gems!"


One Finger Death Punch 2"Silver Dollar Games does it again"


Taur"Tower defense with an action-oriented hook"


Dreams"Express yourself"


Code Shifter"Arc System Irks"


Dead Cells: The Bad Seed"It's good, actually"


Warcraft III: Reforged"Zug Zug 2020"


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I would love to go to this! Luckily its going to be live-streamed :)

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Disclaimer: Gamestop is that note, people celebrating that they will tank because they think physical media is dead is also Digital games disappear with no justification sometimes, and that in itself is pure


I got a TV crew in my face on the train My first thought was Wow, that is a very attractive train conductor theyre following around! But then: Wait, Ive seen her Shes famous! They even got a few shots of her talking to me!

Voltaic Owl



Peters Kung Fu Corner: Enter the Dragon Pete wrote a blog about Enter the Dragon, for us kung-fu Nice I never thought about how invincible he came across in this one, but still one of my




Broke: #WesLikesBunnyGirlsWednesdays Woke: #WesLikesWaddleDeeWednesdays

Chris Bradshaw

wow the free games being given out lately have been fire! sonic generations, ac syndicate, shadow of the colossus, shantae plus kh3 and yakuza 0 just showed up on game pass!

Voltaic Owl

Here I am, getting all excited for new Yacht Club announcements, when my lazy ass still hasnt beaten Treasure Trove beyond playing Shovel of Hope 5 years



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