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Imperator: Rome"Hail! Destructoid"


Days Gone"Freakin' freaker Friday"


Mortal Kombat 11"Blood Money"


SteamWorld Quest"No need to shuffle"


Anno 1800"Age of Optimization"


Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!"Oh my god he's back again"


World War Z"Pyramid Zed"


Vaporum "A tower of monsters"


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The last beserker

Im having trouble getting into Dynasty Warriors 7, the game is really repetitive and And the co-op is dull, any other Warriors games worth playing???


Soylent Green is a bit too

The last beserker

Crash Nitro Kart is to me, the last good original Crash It has a fun and additive formula, passed down from And through sort, is I highly recommend it, to those who havent played it yet, or those who are hyping up

Punished Nietzsche

I had a fun time watching my friend lose his mind over the last two JoJo Golden Wind Man, those were pretty i wish i could have watched them without knowing the plot


Aha! I love it!

Nathan D



Been thinking about it for nearly a year now, but it looks like I’ll be touring Newfoundland for two weeks shortly after my birthday Always wanted to visit Canada’s youngest and, next to Quebec, most unique province for creative


Its Thursday, which means its time for another This time its Twisted Metal 2! I wasnt a Playstation girl, but I still managed to play a lot of it back in my


Guess we know what Thor and Valkyrie get up to after


Disregarding the actual game for bit, I find it really interesting that this trailer for Dark Devotion succinctly describes the game with this level of Kinda wish more games pitched themselves like Might be too honest for some games



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