ZeniMax picks up Machinegames

ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda Games, is becoming quite the little powerhouse of game developers. Not only do they own a few prominent developers, but the also recently acquired Shinji Mikami's studio Tango Gameworks a few months a...


Go behind the music with GoldenEye 007

I'm in the  midst of tearing through GoldenEye 007 so that we can get a review up for you and you can finally know exactly what to think about the game (please, please pick up on the sarcasm there), but until then here is a vid...


Game Informer December cover art is pretty neato

Looks like Game Informer has been reading Destructoid's Monthly Review Round-up. See for their December issue they will be listing the top 30 characters of the past decade. To celebrate this they had artist Sam Spratt do an epic piece of ar...


Capcom Arcade opens up on iPhone

This week, Capcom has launched a new push into the mobile marketplace with Capcom Arcade. The free app, which you can download from the App Store, makes available ports of Capcom's arcade library and gives the option of paying for single-pl...


Pimp your favorite Marvel Comics girls in Marvel Brothel

Despite the internet's consistent ability to prove otherwise, there are things which I simply never expected to see with my own eyes. An example, just off the top of my head, is a game in which you play as X-Men founder Charles Xavier, who ...


The Daily Hotness: Chad Concelmo, TV star

Our beloved Chad Concelmo was a guest on GameTrailersTV last night! The dolphin lover talked about what he's looking forward to the most this holiday season and shares his thoughts on Kinect. Check it out! Ben lets us know about THQ's Banny...


Warren Spector discusses Epic Mickey's obscurer characters

Disney Interactive Studios released another behind-the-scenes video for Epic Mickey. This one is pretty interesting, as Warren Spector talks about lesser-known characters from the Disney universe that he's bringing back for the game. That ...


Multiple retailers hosting CoD: Black Ops launch events

Of course the biggest game of the year is going to have a shed-load of midnight launch events! 4,408 GameStop stores across the nation will be holding festivities for Call of Duty: Black Ops starting at 9:30PM the night before launch. Fans ...


Persona 2 PSP comes with an old-school music toggle

While fans of old-school RPGs rejoiced when Atlus' enhanced port of the original Persona game hit the PlayStation Portable, a few of the more crotchety devotees complained about director/composer Shoji Meguro's rearranged musical score. It ...


Exclusive interview with Team Meat's Edmund McMillen

[WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS IMAGES THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME VIEWERS. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.] Last week, I got the chance to catch up with Edmund McMillen, co-creator of Super Meat Boy. I asked him how he felt about the critic...


Kinect gets a dedicated demo location in Montreal

I spotted the green, yellow and purple Kinect rings from a distance while walking around in Montreal's Complexe Les Ailes today. At first I thought I came across one of those mall-type Microsoft stores, like the ones they have in Arizona an...


Icewind Dale 2 Complete now available on GOG

In their quest to bring us the best in "awe-inspiring epic, level 20 masterwork role-playing games" GOG.com has just released Icewind Dale 2 Complete. Only one more Atari-Hasbro title remains to complete the collection. Based on the previou...


Rumor: Sears' Black Friday ad reveals a green DSi

Yup, it's that time again! Black Friday is coming up soon and the ads are already leaking! We can't say for sure that this Sears ad is legit until Sears makes the Black Friday sites take the images down, so we're putting this under rumor fo...


Dead Rising Sun won't stay dead, to reanimate on DVD

Keiji Inafune's career at Capcom may be dead and gone, but his directorial debut for the company just wont stay in the ground. Dead Rising Sun will rise from its grave on DVD later this month in Japan. The film was released earlier this ye...



And you can only appreciate this mini-light show through the magic of night-vision goggles. The light show is so the Kinect can determine where the player is in the space surrounding the device, or something. That, or Microsoft just wants ...


Blizzard discusses putting Activision games on Battle.net

Everyone seems to be obsessing over the possibility of Activision adopting Battle.net for its games. It's an interesting notion, but Blizzard hasn't really spoken one way or the other on the topic. Perhaps this Gamasutra interview with Batt...


Microsoft not happy over the $2,000 Kinect hacking reward

Kinect launched this past week and like any new tech product, people want to hack the thing. Specifically, Adafruit Industries is looking for people to create an open source driver for Kinect and is offering a $2,000 reward to the first dev...


Amazon deals: Medal of Honor, PS3 Move bundle, more

Got a few quality deals for you today, courtesy of Amazon. The current Deal of the Day is Medal of Honor for $40, and that goes for all three versions. From what I've heard from friends who have played it, that's a much easier price to swal...


Clay Fighter for DSiWare is an update of Clay Fighter 63 1/3

Wait, what? This totally came out of nowhere, but it really is a thing. Nintendo Everything (by way of Nintendo Power) has info on the new Clay Fighter game. Well, it's not exactly new as Clay Fighter: Call of Putty is going to be an update...


Atlus action-adventuring it up with The Cursed Crusade

Atlus has announced The Cursed Crusade for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. This Kylotonn Entertainment-developed co-op game is set in medieval Europe, and yes, there's a supernatural element to it. There always is, isn't there? This game ...


deadmau5 relea5e5 a 5ample Minecraft 5ong

First, yes deadmau5 made the above monument to himself. "no hax. pure skill." says the DJ. So yeah, deadmau5 really loves himself some Minecraft. So much so that he is making music for the game! He's gone ahead and released a sampling of on...


Do not play Dance Central naked

Or any Kinect game naked for that matter. Dance Central, along with a few other Kinect games, will take your picture. Sadly, this poster on the Dance Central forums didn't realize that fact until AFTER playing a game of Dance Central. Speak...


Team Ninja talks two game cancellations, Ninja Gaiden 3

Speaking with Famitsu, Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi gave an update on a few of the studio's missing projects and, of course, Ninja Gaiden 3. He revealed that the DoA prequel, Dead or Alive Code Cronus, has been scrapped, as has Project Pr...


It's flamethrower time in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

Here's another excellent trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. This one is more substantial in terms of in-game footage, which is good, because the flamethrower pretty much sells itself. The marketing powers that be have done a g...


Bodycount delayed as developer leaves Codemasters

Eurogamer is reporting that Adrian Bolton, general manager at Codemasters Guildford and the developer behind Bodycount, has left the company. He's actually not the first person to leave the development team on Bodycount. Stuart Black, creat...


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I get so tired of reading fake gamer girl comments about women in the biz (YouTube or journos or mean, you can suspend disbelief enough to watch a porn and imagine yourself with a cock larger than four

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MvCI hot takes: combat is different enough to interest me, graphics are fine in combat but story mode is a crime against art I like that a lot of the returning cast is retooled and different, for example Iron Man finally has useable


Something I dig is diving into a movie/game knowing the least possible about Long time ago I got Alan Wake on Steam because it was super cheap and heard it was Started playing last week, At chapter 4 atm, feeling pleasantly surprised


I feel like Im the only person who doesnt mind the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character If anything the male lead could look a bit older but all in all the anime look doesnt bother I hope I like the gameplay tho lol


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