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Microsoft's announcement that Minecraft would be getting unified servers for almost every version was huge for fans of the game. It means that there is no longer going to be separate eco-systems and that friends could enjoy t...   read

  Watch Video 11 bit is the team that's most well-known for This War of Mine, a depressing game about trying to survive as a civilian in a war-torn city. Last time we talked to the developer, it tried to distance its next game, Frostpunk, ...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys
  Watch Video It's been roughly five months since EVE Online went free-to-play, and developer CCP seems to be pretty happy about how it's went so far -- at least on the surface. "We were super nervous, both internally and externally in ter...   read


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Dunkirk"Take a bow, Mr. Nolan, and cue the applause"


Fallen Legion"A Divided War"


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil"Seeds of Tedium"


Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!"Never too late to get lewd in North Korea"


Splatoon 2"Stay just as fresh"


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Strange that of all the Amiibo that came out today, the only one I couldnt find was the new inkling I even saw both

Hypno Coffin

The story of Uncle Terry


New at the I cant get Jittery as hell now I may be drinking too Dont Its Going to make my self Make it a Next week, I hear theres going to be free lines of coke in the break


Man, Heal League is some bullshit

Double Monocles

A 34gb patch for DOOM?! You can keep the free multiplayer levels, Im not going to play them anyway! Id rather have the hard drive space!


Question: When you read Dragon Ball FighterZ does the voice in your head pronounce it Fighters or Fighter Z? Cuz I know which one sounds better to

On Air Fish

The radio station that I work for is participating an event called Bowl For Kids I need to raise for my part (benefits Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Link is in *Repost because I havent been able to raise anything yet*


Im rewatching Acchi Its the most adorable #CatgirlFriday


When people tell me to eat kale


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