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Sony spins the '4.1 million Move shipments' thing

Yesterday, many websites reported that Sony had sold 4.1 million PlayStation Move units. Destructoid and a handful of others reported that Sony had only shipped that many units. A few commenters accused us of BIAS but the egg was on their f...


No Super Meat Boy on PS3, and you can blame Sony

Super Meat Boy will eventually find its way to Xbox 360, Wii and PC, excluding as it will a PS3 release. Now, because you start stamping your feet and shouting "BIAS" while tears start to cloud your vision, make sure you direct your anger a...


PlayStation Home gets voice chat next week (ZOMG!)

According to Sony, "tons of cool stuff" is coming to its Second Life clone/virtual advertising world PlayStation Home. Among the expected features is the return of an old one -- voice chat! This comes on November 11 in Update 1.4. Yes, desp...


Enslaved writer got 'f*cking sick' of his PS3

28 Days Later and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West writer Alex Garland has confessed that he only bothered to play Heavenly Sword after meeting its developer, due to his being "f*cking sick" of the PS3. "There weren't any original games that r...


Sony holds back Move support in game for PS Plus users

Sony has set a rather grim little precedent for itself, with the revelation that Move Support in High Velocity Bowling is available for "free" only to those who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Apparently spending upwards of $80 on a gl...


Survey: Japanese consumers not interested in 3DTV

While Sony is attempting to convince the world that 3D gaming is what it wants, a study from the company's homeland indicates that a lot more convincing might need to be done. According to a poll, most Japanese consumers don't give a crap a...


Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology

So, Nintendo murdered everyone at E3, not just with its rather terrifying selection of awesome games, but with its stunning 3DS demonstration. If you haven't seen the thing in action, let me confirm that it's pretty amazing stuff. Sony boss...


E3 10: Impressions from the Natal/Kinect reveal event



Sony: Kutaragi was 'right' to release expensive PS3

Ken Kutaragi became an industry laughing stock shortly after the announcement of the $599 PlayStation 3, mostly due to his arrogant and insulting justifications ("work more hours to buy one"). Although Kutaragi left Sony as something of a j...


Sony bullsh*t: PSPgo was a 'test'

The PSPgo was an ill-advised, expensive, worthless waste of space. This is scientific, objective fact that can be proven in any court of law. But apparently it's alright, because it was just a test. In fact, even though the PSPgo fell flat ...


Sony won't reimburse retailers for OtherOS PS3 refunds

One enterprising consumer pulled a slick move when he was able to use European law in order to get a partial refund for his PS3 from Amazon. Sony's decision to remove the OtherOS feature on the PlayStation 3 angered some consumers, because ...


Another abandoned failure: Sony gives up on PSP Room

Do you remember PlayStation Room? That social networking service for the PSP that looked like a mash-up between PlayStation Home and Bratz dolls? No? Really, you don't? We hardly blame you. Like so many things in this industry, the ser...


Fixing the PSP in six easy steps

The PSP has had a long history, one that hasn't always been entirely pretty. While the system has been quite successful in Japan and sold decently well enough in the West, it's still a machine with a lot of problems, and that's evidenced by...


Sony: Core gamers 'look down their nose' at Wii

With PlayStation Move gearing up for launch this year, Sony is pushing out the boat to try and make us forget that it's basically copying the Wii. The best way to do that, of course, is the imply that the Wii ruined motion control for every...


Dear Sony: Put Tomba! on PSN ... NAOW!

Dear Sony, I have just remembered that Tomba! exists. If you don't remember the game (and we could hardly blame you), it was a sidescrolling adventure starring a troll-like creature with pink hair and a hatred of evil pigs. Anyone who remem...


The Videogame Show What I've Done: Heavy Rain

We usually post this on a Saturday, but after all the controversy we had this week regarding Heavy Rain and a Premonition of a Deadly nature, it didn't seem appropriate. Luckily, we had time after the weekend to cut a brand new edition of ...


PSP comes both first and last on sales chart, PSPgo fails

Further cementing the PSPgo's status as a hideous and terrible mistake, the latest Japanese sales data has revealed that while the PSP-3000 and its cousins have topped the charts, the all-digital variant is slumming it at the bottom. Sony's...


God of War III 'only possible on PS3'

Oh for f*ck's sake. It's like clockwork. A big PS3 exclusive comes along, and the developer pretends that it could only be possible on the PlayStation 3. Right on schedule, here's product manager Claire Backhouse, claiming that God of War I...


Why glitching in Modern Warfare 2 IS Sony's problem

[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or how our moms rais...


Guardian: PS3 is a 'disappointment for gamers'

The Guardian has put the big four gaming platforms through their paces, giving helpful tips to the British consumer who is looking for some electronic entertainment this Christmas. The game weighs the relative pros and cons of each gaming s...


The Associated Press' top ten games of 2009

Following on from Time magazine's top ten games of the year, the Associated Press has chimed in with a list of its own. Unlike the eclectic and rather strange top ten of Time, it seems that AP has taken a walk on the safer side, picking a m...


Final Fantasy XIII actually will be better on PS3

Contrary to our satirical article in which I said Final Fantasy XIII would be blatantly better on the Xbox 360, Square Enix has revealed that Blu-ray will lead to a superior PS3 version after all. The Xbox 360 version is going to feature co...


Bayonetta demo: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Comparison attack! Everybody loves it when two versions of the same game are pitted against each other in yet another grueling battle of the console wars, but at least this time there's a valid reason for the contrast. There has been much t...


SCEA: Don't blame us for PSP Minis pricing

When the PSP Minis prices were finally revealed, I was amazed. This service, intended to do for the PSP what Apps did for the iPhone, was idiotic. Games started at $4.99 and went as high as ten bucks. Tetris was $9.99, twice as much as its ...


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I dont think Dtoids mentioned this yet, but Outlast + Whistleblower are free over at Humble Bundle right now! Link (and freedom from the twins naked dongers) in the


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Guild Wars 2 has a new expansion that goes live in about a This is probably the least talked about MMO expansion Ive seen in Oh well, I cant wait to get started The new elite classes are going to be


First, I just want to thank everyone who has already read and participated in my CYOA It means a Second, the poll results are currently tied so I need some tie breaking If youre interested theres a link in the blog & in these


Question for the If you were in charge, how would you make video game monetization/pricing sustainable in the long run? Considering inflation and the increase of development costs over

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trying to avoid Destiny 2 and continue to bury myself in D1 burned me too bad, and D2 is putting up a rather convincing argument!

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The Wily stages in Mega Man 2 are thoroughly This game is not as much of an improvement over the first one as people make it out to



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