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#Wii U


Nintendo Download: Ever Oasis

The 3DS is still alive! Yes, it's allegedly going to be around "past 2018," a fact that remains to be seen, but for now it is still kicking with Ever Oasis and RPG Maker Fes. The Switch is getting ACA Neogeo Fatal Fury 2 and Ocean...   read


Nintendo Download: Arms

Nintendo has a big week ahead of it as Arms is finally hitting the Switch. Mighty Gunvolt Burst also arrives on the eShop, in addition to Cave Story+ (on June 20) and NeoGeo Sengoku. The 3DS version of Mighty Gunvolt Burst&nb...   read


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The Defenders (Season 1)"Masters of karate and friendship for everyone"


Death Note"Try original anime first, also on Netflix"


The Long Dark"Winter is here"


Yakuza Kiwami"A Legend Reborn"


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Mike Sounders

So apparently I nailed both interviews, as I have job offers from Im so happy right Now to choose which




CCTV footage of an asshole!


SNES Classic up at Target!

Electric Reaper

Wayforward is sending out Backer codes for the Pirate Queens Quest DLC for Shantae Half Genie Hero right now!!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Pirate Queens Quest is out for backers now!


sometimes it still feels like SEGA does what Nintendont; I could walk into my local target today (which I did) and purchase (which I did not) the SEGA Genesis Although dubious in quality, it is available, official, and plays old


Evidently Angela Merkel namedropped Dark Souls during her opening speech for Gamescom, saying that all the new games shown are pretty nice, but they aint no Dark Im not sure how I feel about


I like traveling and going places but nothing is better than the warm and loving embrace of your own toilet


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