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New Pokemon Snap"Look at this photograph"


Resident Evil Village"Resident Evil..............eight"


Perfect Gold"Remind me of this: that night we kissed, that I really meant it"


World of Demons"Yokai watch me chop up these ghosts"


Returnal"Housemarque is back"


Shadow Man Remastered"The Dark Souls of 1999"


NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..."Square Enix publishes the best title names"


Rain on Your Parade"Suck it, Streisand!"


Cozy Grove"A charming community sim with a haunting twist"


Disco Elysium: The Final Cut"A spoiler-free look at the beloved RPG's new content"


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did not know homebrew beat em ups with actual properties were a Looks like my weekend is planned out for me!


Officially the worst wings and nachos we have ever had in our entire At the same It was actually impressive how awful that dinner At least we had amazing sex when we got home and get to chill on the But MY

Chris Bradshaw

chris, don’t message the seller


Christ, so apparently wanting a reliable suspend option that lets people shut off their PlayStation or play something else on their 500 dollar allegedly cutting edge system without losing their run is catering to the casuals


So a lot of us here still think prioritizing accessibility in games for people other than ourselves will somehow take things away from us


Happy sideways Cindo de Mayo


That second Pfizer dose kicked me in the Didnt really feel anything after the first dose, but I didnt expect the 103 fever from this PSA: try to get the second dose on a Friday!


Had a fun couple hours of Returnal, but at the end it gave me a save error and wiped it Put that one on the back burner for a

Electric Reaper

I dont know what Juniper was She activated her giant monster form, used a voice changer to sound scarier and then still received Seems like pretty standard



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