NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH

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Exclusive: First peek at Titmouse's Seven Haunted Seas

We've had our eye on Titmouse Games -- the developer born out of animation house Titmouse Studios --  for awhile now. Its a team that's brought its unique aesthetic and artistic voice to everything from animation projects like Cartoon ...


Titmouse Games is Heavy Metal, announces Fistful of Blood

Well, it makes sense. Titmouse Games -- a games studio, you may remember, that makes games -- is partnering with Kevin Eastman, publisher and co-creator of Heavy Metal Magazine, to create a line of games based on Heavy Metal properties. Fam...


Confirmed: ninjas in Titmouse Games' Seven Haunted Seas

We don’t know much about Titmouse Games’ Seven Haunted Seas. But we do know four basic things: it’s an action RPG, it’s coming to consoles, the artwork has some serious style, and the protagonist, Scurvy Pete, is a p...


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Mothergunship"Can't wait for Dadpunchplane"


Danger Zone 2"Still no Kenny Loggins"


Octopath Traveler"Eight heroes are better than one?"


All-Star Fruit Racing"Oh, I see how it is. Have the gay guy review a game about fruit."


Pocket Rumble"Simply difficult"


Sonic Mania Plus"The fastest DLC aliiiiiiiive..."


Lost in Harmony"So long, Space Cowboy"


Sorry to Bother You"What you think it will be, and somehow more"


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Boxed Swine

Can you really call it a survival game without dysentery?


Anyone know if MHW PC will have some kind of beta/demo? Willing to give it another shot at


I wrote a rather long and detailed blog about how Id Design An Easy Mode For Dark Souls if any one wants to read it: Also I love


Anyone know if MHW PC will have some kind of beta/demo? Willing to give it another shot at

Kevin Mersereau

If your name is 4KMarioMagic, you need to check your Disqus notifications before you continue to (Actually, you should just email with any questions about why your account is no longer

Princess bong264

We live in the correct time

Marcel Hoang

If I’d known I could do sub 4 minute Nergigante I’d have taken it


So I gave MapleStory 2 a try, Not for me, not at GW2 is still about the only MMO Ive tried that didnt push me away



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