Winds of Nostalgio screens: Witty headline about nostalgia

Androgynous, big-eyed whelps with floppy hair? Strikingly pretentious name? Yep, it could only be another Japanese RPG.The DS is becoming home to a staggering number of RPGs, and the army on the horizon continues to grow. Dale North already...


Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff trailer shatters your dreams [update]

[video]104358:392[/video] As someone who once dreamed of becoming a professional athlete, I find the above trailer for Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff highly depressing, though I suppose it’s an interesting marketing tactic for the game. The trai...


Tecmo responds to Square Enix, doesn't say very much

The Tecmo/Koei/Square Enix love triangle continues as Tecmo has responded to Square Enix's letter. Squeenix was snubbed after its friendly offer to take over Tecmo was rejected, and the Ninja Gaiden publisher instead announced that it was i...


Jilted at the altar, Square Enix withdraws its Tecmo bid

If Koei and Square Enix are engaged in some sort of commercial lover's spat concerning the fate of the ailing Tecmo, then Tecmo is so not invited to the prom anymore: Square Enix has officially pulled its offer.After rejecting Square Enix's...


Square Enix says 'wtf?' to Koei/Tecmo merger

The games industry is turning into a geekier version of Dallas lately, with all the drama flying around the board rooms. There are new developments in the Square Enix/Koei/Tecmo love triangle, as Squeenix has responded to the rejection of i...


Tecmo's RPG Wind of Nostalgio trailer makes me nostalgic

[video]102450:306[/video]Tecmo has just dropped the newest promotional trailer for their upcoming DS RPG Wind of Nostalgio (Nostalgio no Kaze in Japanese) on their Japanese Web page. If you haven't already hit play yet: get ready for RPG lu...


Square Enix makes an offer for Tecmo

Today, Square Enix will offer a bid for besieged developer, Tecmo. Kotaku is reporting that Square Enix is offering to buy shares at a 30 percent premium, and Tecmo has until September 4th to respond to the offer. If Tecmo chooses to declin...


Tecmo president goes the way of Itagaki, leaves company

Following the bitter departure of Tomonobu Itagaki from Tecmo, as well as a string of employees following in his wake, it might come as little surprise that Tecmo boss Yoshimi Yasuda has decided to resign as president. C...


Itagaki recieves gag-order, rolls eyes behind sunglasses

Oh, Tecmo. First you piss off the man behind your best games, Tomonobu Itagaki. Then he quits, and talks some sh*t about your company in the process. Of course, your shares plummet after Itagaki leaves. On top of all of that, now your emplo...


This does not bode well: Tecmo employees sue Tecmo

When a Japanese man says you have lost your honor, you may as well throw yourself into the path of a passing car on the spot -- his opinion on such matters tends to be rather definitive. That's exactly what happened when Ninja Gaiden direct...


Tecmo shares plummet following Itagaki's departure

The consequences of Ninja Gaiden II director Tomonobu Itagaki's departure from Tecmo are starting to be felt, as the company's share prices took a dive of more than ten percent. On Tuesday, the shares were valued at 1,102 yen ($10.40)....


Itagaki leaving Team Ninja, suing Tecmo

The last time I ran into Team Ninja head man and Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki, he was a happy son of a bitch. He had new games lined up, his army of scantily clad girls in tow, and his sunglasses were shinier than ever. Not so mu...


Ryu goes into retirement: No more Ninja Gaiden, says Itagaki

Savor each sword slash while you can, because you'll be throwing your last shuriken with Ninja Gaiden II.Series maker Tomonobu Itagaki says that Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360 will be the last game in the Ninja Gaiden series. CVG says tha...


Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff coming to DS

Raise your hand if you recall the NES classic Tecmo Bowl. Okay, that’s many of you...now how about its SNES sequel, Tecmo Super Bowl? Yeah, there we go! Everyone remembers how unstoppable Bo Jackson was in that game, and now, Tecmo is...


Destructoid review: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

I may as well just come out and say that Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is the best action game on the Nintendo DS. To be fair, it doesn’t have much -- if any -- competition. The Nintendo DS catalog is packed with quality titles, from rol...


Duplicates ordered: Fatal Frame II and III reprinted

Ah, the wishy-washy world of rare game collecting. It's a real bitch these days. Here latetly, it seems that my collection of rare PS2 games are all going the way of the dodo. Let's not even talk about REZ. Some of my most prized games are ...


GDC 08: new, kickass Ninja Gaiden 2 footage

During Microsoft's keynote at GDC 2008, Tomonobu Itagaki took the stage to show off the newest level from Ninja Gaiden 2. Itagaki acknowledges that Japan's videogames have lost a bit of the impact that they once had, but he assured us that...


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Guilty Gear Strive looks like an absolute blast to play! Fast-paced and flashy as Looks like health will be a bit on the low side though, wonder if thats


AaaaaaAaaaaaaa the zone Dreepy is available in never has the right goddamn

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I randomly decided to give Yooka-Laylee another go this weekend and I ended up completing it Id still recommend A Hat In Time over this any day of the week, I dunno, I still like it very much and I still had a lot of fun completing


One of my biggest pet peeves in games is when dialog has to load or something, so a meaningful interruption is delayed by two seconds making everything feel janky and

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Disney+ has reacquainted me with Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Gummibears, and the original Mickey Mouse And also The New Adventures of Winnie the One of my absolute It’s a magical experience to feel 10 yrs old


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