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Preview: Killing in motion in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I've never been that big a fan of Splinter Cell, or at least the last-gen games that were clearly about stealth. There's nothing wrong with stealth, but a demo of the first game never clicked with me, so it was always a series I ignored. Th...


E3: Splinter Cell: Blacklist set for spring 2013

Hot from the Microsoft press conference, Ubisoft announced a new entry into the Splinter Cell series. Blacklist will see Sam (this time with a new voice actor Eric Johnson) shooting and sneaking his way through the Middle East. Be...


E3: New screenshots reveal Splinter Cell: Blacklist

It looks like a little information has leaked before the Microsoft press conference this morning. A new Splinter Cell game! Called Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the screenshots show Sam Fisher (?) doing some manly things in some really dusty lo...


GOG.com unveil a trio of new additions to their catalogue

A few weeks ago, GOG.com announced that they were going to be selling more recently released titles, as well as bringing more classic era games to their service. Well today, we got word on another three games you can now purchase at GOG.com...


Freddie Wong reveals the true Splinter Cell

Freddie Wong makes some great YouTube videos, and has been doing a LOT of videogame-based shorts.  His newest, "Lightbulb Assassin," speaks to the truth behind every mission I've ever played in Splinter Cell. Amazing.


UK to get Ubisoft 3DS bundles

It's always strange to see a Nintendo system bundled with anything other than a first-party title, but that's exactly what UK gamers can expect for later this year in a 3DS bundle. MCV says that a retailer revealed a bundle that will contai...


Ubisoft trumps Epic: Gets Unreal running on 3DS (update)

[Update: Epic contacted us to say that Ubisoft is using the considerably older Unreal Engine 2, not Unreal Engine 3. Looks like that Infinity Blade 3D will have to wait.] A while ago, Epic's Mark Rein said his studio wasn't supporting the N...


3DS game Splinter Cell 3D gets a vinyl soundtrack release

I love when game companies support game music and musicians. I love it even more when we get a rare vinyl release for a game soundtrack. There's a really cool vinyl coming for upcoming 3DS title Splinter Cell 3D. This project began its life...


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D gets a nondescript trailer

Ubisoft has released a trailer for Splinter Cell 3D and it doesn't say very much. Don't expect any gameplay or clue as to how it will control, but enjoy a nice collection of ideas, in any case! Is anybody picking this one up? Does anybody ...


Xbox Live discounts are all about Tom Clancy this week

For the duration of this week, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get Tom Clancy-centric downloadable content, Avatar gear, and a full Xbox original for half price. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Co-op Collection ($2.50) Ghost Recon: Advan...


Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia HD coming to Xbox 360

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is North America's primary bean-spiller, and if you're a fan of Ubisoft franchises, it dropped a big bit of cool news today. The board has rated the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia HD re-releases ...


Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell HD collections in March

Retailers worldwide have been hinting at them for months, but it's now official: Ubisoft is releasing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD and Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD to retail this March for PlayStation 3.Splinter Cell...


Ubisoft's crap DRM no longer requires constant connection

Ubisoft made some waves last year with its own special brand of digital rights management, forcing all its PC games to require a constant online connection and dropping players should that connection be terminated. It would appear that the ...


PlayStation 3 to get Splinter Cell Trilogy next year

Another day, another confirmation of an HD-ified trilogy getting released on PlayStation 3. We already heard about the Tomb Raider bundle earlier, but now we're also getting word that Sam Fisher is next in line for the re-release compilatio...


Amazon's Cyber Monday deals have started early

I was just cruising around Amazon, hoping to get a ken on what sorts of deals they'll be having on games for Cyber Monday, when I found a bunch of lightning deals have already started and there's some great bargains you'll want to jump on r...


Splinter Cell 6 casually mentioned to be in production

Jade Raymond mentions Ubisoft's Toronto studio is working on Splinter Cell 6. In a video posted on Ontario.ca, she talks about working on the title while talking about their new studio. They opened the new Toronto studio with 83 employees ...


Sam Fisher going to reach out and choke someone on 3DS

Ubisoft too is jumping on the bandwagon, announcing their 3DS titles along with everybody else. And what better way to start than with Splinter Cell?  As you can see from the provided evidence, Sam Fisher will be doing what he does bes...


Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia PS3 collections listed

Amazon France may have let the Ubisoft cat out of the bag when they listed not just a collection of three Splinter Cell games for the PS3, but also a collection of the first three Prince of Persia games as well. The listings were spotted by...


Sam Fisher's 'convictions' get the toy treatment

This October, NECA's dropping a Splinter Cell: Conviction figure off at retail. Now, between Figures.com and Kotaku, we have an idea of what to look for on store shelves. Unsurprisingly, NECA has decided to model the game's lead, Sam Fisher...


Mega64's 'Version 3' now on sale!

Finally, after all this time, Mega64's Version 3 is finally on sale! The Mega64 boys have spent the last few years working on the third chapter to this epic saga which continues the tale of Dr. Poque, Rocko, Derek, Horatio, Sean, Marcus an...


Ubisoft's new Toronto studio, new Splinter Cell game

There's a new studio in Toronto for Ubisoft. Jade Raymond, now the studio's general manager, took her team from Montreal and relocated recently. According to Gamasutra, this is set to be a triple-A only studio, meaning that the team there i...


SC: Conviction getting 'Insurgency Pack' add-on next week

As previously teased by Ubisoft, Splinter Cell: Conviction is about to get more maps for Deniable Ops in the form of a premium download. This "Insurgency Pack," as it's being called, will go live on Thursday, May 27 for both Xbox 360 and PC...


Ubisoft hints at 'killer DLC' for SC: Conviction

Don't get me wrong, "interrogating" (aka beating the sh*t out of people) in Splinter Cell: Conviction's single-player story was a blast. But to me, Deniable Ops and the fun that comes with two players lurking in the shadows instead of one i...


Failed rumor stopper: SC Conviction won't hit the PS3

Rumors have been flying every which way about Splinter Cell Conviction landing on the PS3. There have been enough slips here and there that many have pretty much assumed that it will happen at some point. It could be a safe bet considering ...


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It’s 2 days late (damn server problems), but it’s now been over 7 yrs since I created this I had an account before that so it’s actually been over 10 yrs now, but I hope you all enjoyed your Turkey And here’s to more years to


It’s 2 days late (damn server problems), but it’s now been over 7 yrs since I created this I had an account before that so it’s actually been over 10 yrs now, but I hope you all enjoyed your Turkey And here’s to more years to


Quick question for PC people, When you want to swap over an Nvidia GPU, with a newer Nvidia GPU, is it ok to swap the cards over and install the new drivers on top of the old ones, or should I uninstall all old drivers first? Im hearing mixed

Khalid Eternal Nigh

MST3K renewed for a 12th season! Hope that they respond to some of the feedback of the last season & work on Seasons 1~10 kept a lot of the same writers but took a while to really get a feel for their 11 was all new & wasnt BAD but had faults


So the new Splatoon update is out, and theres something about it we werent The Great Zapfish is missing! Again! Its not hiding behind the tower or flying around Maybe a tease for single player DLC?

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